Getting started with
XRPL Tokens

1. Choose a Wallet

You can use any XRP wallet.

The best choice is with the XUMM app.

2. Activate your wallet

You'll need to "activate" the wallet
which simply means sending some XRP to it.

All XRP wallets require a reserve of 10XRP,
this helps prevent people making spam wallets.
You should consider sending at least 13XRP to activate your wallet.

3. Add a trustline

Trustlines require a reserve of 2XRP.

This creates a placeholder for an XRPL token in your wallet.

Add into existing wallet

Use xrptoolkit to add a trustline into any wallet. xrptoolkit

Go to "Accounts>Assets>Custom Edit"
Use the issuing address


Use XME as the currency code.

To trade XME use the dex app on Xumm or Sologenic.

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